How do i fix "windows was unable to complete the format" error

Wanting lớn formatyour SD thẻ, USB drive sầu, or external hard drive sầu is a good move sầu. But what if youencounter an error that says “Windows wasunable lớn complete the format” along the way?

Getting thiserror message can cause you lớn panic. That, or it might make you want khổng lồ passup the task.

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But don’t fret.Finding a way to fix the problem is easy-peasy!

In this post,we’ll learn what to vị. This way, you won’t feel discouraged whenever you wantkhổng lồ format your drive sầu.

UsingCommvà Prompt

Windows’ Commvà Prompt can help you out with this. After all, the commvà prompt is the most basic way khổng lồ format a hard drive sầu.

So first up is tolaunch Comm& Prompt from theWindows thực đơn.


Using Third-Party Tools

You can also seekthe help of third-tiệc ngọt tools for this. A benefit of going with this approachis that you will be using tools that were specifically designed for thepurpose.

If the Windows tools mentioned above sầu have failed khổng lồ resolve this error, another practical solution is to lớn let these tools work for you. Just make sure the ones you tải về và install in your system are 100% safe. The ones below have sầu been checked by us và are clean.

EaseUSPartition Master

It’s a diskmanagement software for Windows and Mac users. Its miễn phí version can handle thetask seamlessly. And if you over up liking how it works and can’t get enough ofit, you can turn to lớn a premium version.

So to start, go ahead and launch EaseUS Partition Master.

AOMEIPartition Assistant

It’s anotheruseful tool that helps you manage partitions. It works for different Windowsversions including Windows 7, 8.1, và 10.

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With it, you cancopy, move sầu, rekích thước, & merge partitions. You can also turn lớn it to lớn migrate OSand convert MBR/GPT disk with no data loss.

To begin, load up AOMEI Partition Assistant.

Select apartition & right-clichồng on it to lớn reveal a drop-down thực đơn.

Choose Advanced > Cheông xã Partition.

From the Check Options, select Chechồng partition và fix errors in thispartition using chkdsk.exe pháo và hit OK.

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