Fixed: “Server Dns Address Could Not Be Found”


Windows 8, 8.1 & 10 users may sometimes be unable to lớn access some websites on their website browsers. When accessing some websites, the user may be presented with the messages ‘server DNS address could not be found’.

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What does ‘server DNS address could not be found’ exactly means?

Every trang web on the internet has a numerical IP which is associated with the human-understandable domain name, this IP address is used for the packet to packet communication & if the DNS (server) which acts as the translator fails to retrieve the IP Address of the site you are trying to lớn visit, then this error is triggered.

Generally, this issue is seen when a domain you are trying to lớn access is down, the dns vps is down or your local cache is returning an older IP address which usually happens after a change of IP Address at the server-level.

In this guide, I will walk you through the steps to lớn address this issue – however, if the issue is due khổng lồ a hệ thống misconfiguration of the site you are visiting then these methods won’t help.

Method 1: Update the DNS

This method has gained a lot of popularity which suggests that the user should update the DNS vps to that of Google as they are more reliable.

Method 2: Look Up IP and địa chỉ to Hosts File

This method may work or may not, since it still requires the use of DNS servers to lớn query the IP but it can provide a bit more insights into the issue – if you are still able to access other websites, then try opening the following link with the domain you cannot visit, và take note of the IP Address

DNS Propagation

Generally, all the IPs you see should be the same, but if it is not then the ones mostly used is the right one (copy it).

Click Start or press the Windows Key (Right-Click) notepad & choose Run as AdministratorClick file -> open and browse to

C:WindowsSystem32driversetcChoose All Files và choose Hosts and xuất hiện it.Add the IP Address to lớn the bottom of the tệp tin in this format127.0.0.1 domain.comReplace with the IP you have copied earlier & the tên miền with the tên miền you queried through the liên kết above.Save the file và now trying accessing the site. This will look up the route locally, before querying your DNS because we have already pointed the domain to it’s IP Address. If the site still won’t open, then it’s probably an issue with the site. You can also try opening the site from your sản phẩm điện thoại to rule out the possibility of current device configuration/caches or reply in the comments below with the site name và we’ll check it for you. Also, if these don’t work, as a last resort, try to reset your IP.

Method 3: Reset Network Configurations

It is possible that your computer hasn’t been properly configured lớn use the right combination of the Network configurations due to lớn which the error is being sprung up while trying to browse the mạng internet with Google Chrome. Therefore, in this step, we will be resetting the network configurations completely. For that:

Press “Windows” + “R” to lớn launch the run prompt & type in “cmd”.Press the “Ctrl” + “shift” + “Enter” keys simultaneously khổng lồ provide the administrative permissions và start the command prompt.
Opening the Command PromptInside the command prompt, type the following commands one by one & press “Enter” after each to lớn execute them.

netsh int ip reset netsh winsock reset ipconfig /release ipconfig /renew ipconfig /flushdnsAfter executing all of these commands, check to see if the error message still persists.

Method 4: Restart the DNS Service

It is possible that the DNS service might’ve gotten glitched out when you tried khổng lồ surf the mạng internet on the Chrome browser & due lớn this, the error message was received on the screen. Therefore, in this step, we will be restarting the DNS service and then check to see if doing so fixes the issue. For that:

Press the “Windows” + “R” button on your keyboard to open the Run prompt.Type in “services.msc” và press “Enter” to lớn launch the service management window.

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Running Services.mscIn the service manager, scroll through the list of services & right-click on the “DNS Client” Service.Restarting DNS Client ServiceSelect the “Restart” option from the list and wait for the service to be restarted.After the service is restarted, kiểm tra to see if the issue persists.

Method 5: Reinstall Chrome

Sometimes the issue might not actually lie within your network configurations and it might instead be coming from the browser itself. Therefore, in this step, we will first uninstall Chrome from our computer và then tải về it again from the official website & install it. For that:

Make sure to exit out of all the tabs & Chrome windows on your computer before you begin with the uninstallation process.Click on the Start menu and select the settings option.Now click apps.Under “Apps & features” find và click google chrome.Click on the uninstall button.Clicking on the “Uninstall” buttonConfirm it by clicking uninstall againFor deleting your profile information like bookmarks or history, check the option “Also delete your browsing data”.Click uninstall on the final prompt & the uninstallation process of the browser should begin.Make sure that the browser has been uninstalled completely before you move on towards reinstalling it.

Now we will be reinstalling the software by following the guidelines below.

Depending upon your browser, you might be prompted lớn “Run or Save” option, click on the “Save” option & run the executable as soon as it is downloaded.Start Chrome và make sure to make it your default browser before you start surfing the internet because it works better if it is phối as the default.Check lớn see if the issue still persists.

Method 6: Configuring to mở cửa New Page

In some situations, a harmful browser extension or some other page might’ve configured your browser to mở cửa a specific set of pages at its startup due to lớn which this particular issue might come khổng lồ light. Therefore, in this step, we will be configuring Chrome khổng lồ just xuất hiện a new tab page at startup. For that:

Click on the “Three Dots” at the đứng top right corner & then select “Settings”.In the Chrome settings, click on the “Appearance” option from the left pane.In the appearance settings, click on the “Open the New Tab Page” option under the “On Startup” heading.Closeout of Chrome & restart it.Clicking on the “Open the New Tab Page” optionCheck khổng lồ see if the new setting has helped us in fixing the error message.

Method 7: Delete the Files from ETC Folder

For some people, the error is caused due khổng lồ some extra files being present in the most important thư mục of the Windows Operating System. If the “etc.” thư mục inside the System 32 thư mục contains some extra files, the error message might be triggered. Therefore, in this step, we will be deleting these files from our computer but before we proceed, make sure that you have made a full backup of all your files because this can sometimes be go sideways.

Press the “Windows” + “E” buttons on the keyboard khổng lồ launch the tệp tin Explorer.
Windows ExplorerIn the tệp tin Explorer, navigate to lớn the following location.

C:WindowsSystem32driversetcPress “Ctrl” + “A” to select all the files present inside the folder and press “Shift” + “Delete” to remove them from the computer.Check to see if removing these files has fixed the issue for us.

Method 8: nâng cấp Network Adapter & Install Missing Drivers

It is possible that you are becoming the victim of a missing or outdated network driver due khổng lồ which this issue is being triggered on your computer. Therefore, in this step, we will be making it all easy for you by downloading an application that automatically scans your computer for missing driver software và then installs it for you automatically if you choose the premium (Paid) option or it identifies the missing software for you & you can install it yourself. For that:

Run the driver easy & select scan now to lớn run the scan for any defective, outdated, or missing drivers on your computer.

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Clicking on the “Scan Now” buttonNext, click the update button to lớn a flagged network adapter driver. This will automatically tải về the correct version of the network driver. After that, you can install it manually (using the free version).If you select Update All it will automatically tải về and install the appropriate & matched versions of all the drivers that are either missing or outdated on your PC. But you require a Pro version for this one. You will be notified of the upgradation once you select the Update All option.Now restart your PC and kiểm tra out whether the error still exists or not.

Method 9: Change DNS vps Settings

A wrong configuration of DNS hệ thống settings can also lead to lớn the non-accessibility of the internet. So you need lớn have appropriate DNS server settings in order to lớn remove this bug. Follow the steps below for the rectification of this issue: