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Are you getting this error “unable to find kết thúc of central dir record signature” while uploading theme, plugin, or any other zip files on your WordPress site? If yes then in this post we are going to lớn provide you with solutions lớn fix the issue.

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Reasons Of The Issue “unable to lớn find over of central dir record signature”

The issue is with the zip file, it may be corrupted or anything else.The WordPress server doesn’t have enough memory to unzip và upload zip files.Any plugin or script is conflicting with site functionality.

How to Fix If You Get Error “unable to lớn find over of central dir record signature”?

Fix 1: The Zip tệp tin Is Corrupted

The very first possibility is that the issue is with the Zip file. Many times the Zip tệp tin get corrupted while downloading và when you try to upload that tệp tin to your WordPress, it will show you the error.

To confirm if this is the case simply try uploading a different zip file. If the other zip tệp tin is uploading successfully then it shows that the issue is with your Zip file.

So try downloading the Zip tệp tin again, or liên hệ the file seller to lớn find what is wrong with their ZIP file.

Fix 2: there’s not enough storage space on your web server

The WordPress server requires storage to lớn unzip and upload the ZIP tệp tin content. If in case your WordPress hệ thống hasn’t enough storage then it will not be able to lớn unzip the file, và as a result, you will get the issue.

So to find out if this is the case, try uploading a ZIP file with less size. If the lower-size zip files are uploading then it indicates that maybe there is not enough storage space on your web server.

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So to fix the issue simply try clearing some space from your server. & if you don’t know how to bởi that then liên hệ your hosting provider, & ask for help.

Fix 3: set lớn TRUE For WP_DEBUG

If your website WP_DEBUG is set to TRUE under the wp-config.php file. It also can be the reason for the issue.

So to fix the issue simply add the following given lines under the wp-config.php file.

define( ‘WP_DEBUG_LOG’, true );

define( ‘WP_DEBUG_display’, false );

Fix 4: Uninstall Plugins and Enable Them One By One

The error can also be caused by any plugin or script. So uninstall all the plugins at once, & then activate them one by one to find if any of the plugins is causing the issue. Once you find the plugin which is causing the issue simply disable it permanently.

Fix 5: Contact hosting

If you still get the issue then you should liên hệ your hosting provider. They can exactly tell you the exact reason for the issue. Whether the issue is with the vps or the ZIP file.

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If the issue resides in the hệ thống then hosting tư vấn will fix it. & if the issue is caused by the ZIP file then they request you to contact the theme or plugin seller.