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Code Website bán buôn ngoài đời thực bởi Java cùng Spring Boot. Trở nên tân tiến toàn diện. Thực hành thực tế thực hành. Kĩ năng sẵn sàng cho công việc. Thực hành thực tế thực hành. Khả năng sẵn sàng đến công việc.

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1. Develop a complete shopping trang web using Java, Spring Boot, Thymeleaf, Bootstrap, jQuery & MySQL database
2. Code the Admin application for managing users, categories, brands, products, customers, orders, sales report...
3. Code the Shopping application allowing customers to browse products và place orders
4.Code shopping cart features và payment via PayPal và credit cards
5.Use Spring Data JPA with Hibernate for the data access layer
6.Use Spring Security for authentication and role-based authorization
7.Use Thymeleaf template engine for creating dynamic view pages
8. Use Bootstrap and jQuery for creating responsive, mobile-friendly web pages
9. Use Spring RESTful Webservices in conjunction with jQuery on the client side
10. Use PayPal Checkout API for payment integration
11. Use JUnit, Spring Test, AssertJ & Mockito for unit tests and integration tests
12. Deploy the application on Heroku cloud platform with tệp tin upload on Amazon S3
13.Use Google Chart for drawing charts in sales report
14. Use Spring OAuth for single sign on with Facebook & Google
15. Use Spring Mail for sending emails for customer registration và place order confirmation

1 .Import Project in Eclipse or Spring Tool

2. Setup Mysql workbench -> xuất hiện foder Documentation , run the script file sql.

3. Configure username & passwordMysql in file :

Client:C:Java WebE-MultiVendorE-WebParentE-Clientsrcmain esourcesapplication.yml

Admin:C:Java WebE-MultiVendorE-WebParentE-Adminsrcmain