I"ve installed Wordpress 5 and configured a virtual host for my local wordpress sites I need to install some plugins and when I try to install I get an error message : "Something went wrong with the plugin API." Does someone know what is provocating this error ?

Here is a screenshot of my file permissions in the wordpress install root folder


Bạn đang xem: Something went wrong with the plugin api


I"ve finally found it,

It was a dummy thing, I tried to install my plugins at the same time by checking all the checkbox and use "install" action. But when I did it one by one I"ve seen that one plugin is no longer available

If someone got problems one day with this error


This can be a lot of things. You can try some of these things:

Open DevTools and check if some issue appears in the log, as well as enable and read php logs;If the plugin requires some API Key/Funcion from another, check if this is correctly enabled and working;

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