Learn how to fix the “Server error in "/" application” error. This is an application error on the server that prevents the trang web from running. There are many possible causes for this error.

Bạn đang xem: Server error in '/` application: how to fix the error?

Often when this error appears, the error page will offer more information about the problem. It can be useful to copy & paste this error message into a search engine for more detailed results.

Some of the most comtháng reasons for the "Server error in "/" application" error are as follows.

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This error can occur if IIS needs lớn be restarted. You can restart IIS from the IIS Manager.

From your Remote Desktop connection, clichồng the Start button in the lower left-hand corner.

!(fileadmin/community/Screenshots/Operating_System/Windows/How_to_Fix_the_Error_in_application_Windows_Server_error/click-start.jpg "Cliông chồng the Start button" )

Next, click the Administrative sầu Tools tile.



Under some circumstances, a 404 error may be displayed as "Server error in "/" Application." When this is the case, theDescriptionsection of the browser will clarify that the error has occurred because the file is missing or has been renamed.

If you are accessing a file with a file extension that does not have sầu permissions to be run on the server, you will receive this error along with the explanation that "This type of page is not served."

To fix this problem, first be sure that you are calling the correct tệp tin name. This problem can occur if there is a typo in the tệp tin extension, for example a file or URL that referenceskiểm tra.htlinstead oftest.html.

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If the file name is correct, then you may need lớn add the MIME type to lớn the hệ thống. In the above example, we are trying to exedễ thương a file namedHelloWorld.cshtm1. The.cshtmltệp tin extension is not assigned to a MIME type on Windows 2012 by mặc định.

You can add the MIME type in the IIS Manager. To open the IIS Manager, from your Remote Desktop connection, cliông xã the Start button in the lower left-hvà corner.

Some programs, features, & tệp tin types will only run under certain versions of .NET.

You can check your .NET version from the IIS Manager. To open the IIS Manager from your Remote Desktop connection, click the Start button in the lower left-hvà corner.

In the pop-up window which appears, select the .NET version from the drop-down menu, then clickOKto lớn confirm your choice.

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