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You can find more opportunities in HR Jobs, engineer jobs, sales jobs, accountant jobs, finance jobs... In Vietnam on RGF website. We own the breadth & depth of our database and experienced consultants, we will help you find your dream job in Vietnam from now. No matter what field you specialize in, our consulting team has extensive experience to give you the opportunity khổng lồ find the perfect job in Vietnam.See the latest jobs in Vietnam we are hiring below khổng lồ find the best match và develop your brilliant career ahead.


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RGF HR Agent is part of RGF International Recruitment, a global recruitment brand và Japan"s largest recruiting group. We are specialized in staff to lớn mid-level managerial positions. While our track record of placing Japanese speaking candidates in diverses countries in Asia is unprecedent, we also help local candidates finding a job in Japanese companies.

2014, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019 Executive tìm kiếm Company of the Year By Recruitment International
2018, 2019 đứng đầu 30 global talent providers By Hunt Scalon media

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2019 đứng top 10 APAC HR Services providers By CIO Advisor
2016, 2018 Extraordinary Hunter By Liepin

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Jobs are classified by industry, so that candidates can easily choose jobs in Vietnam from leading companies in each different field.

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Depending on expertise and function, candidates can choose the right profession according to lớn job in Vietnam they have been pursuing.

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According to the candidate"s location, we recommend popular areas with opening jobs in Vietnam that are being recruited.