How To Use Remote Desktop


Sometimes we need khổng lồ be in two places at once. You might be at trang chính, on vacation, or out of the country and need lớn access your work device. Getting access to your work computer may be difficult in any of those scenarquả táo unless you’ve set up Remote Desktop on a 10 Pro or 10 Enterprise PC.

Remote Desktop allows you to connect lớn a 10 device on, Android, iOS and macOS from afar. It provides easy access lớn all your apps, files, & network resources.

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How lớn mix up Remote Desktop

Follow these instructions on the device you want lớn control remotely. First, you’ll need to lớn check the edition of your PC. Make sure you’re running 10 Pro or Enterprise by entering in ‘About your PC’ in the tìm kiếm box on the taskbar & selecting it from the các mục of results.


After verifying that you are running 10 Pro or 10 Enterprise, go to lớn the search box và enter in ‘Settings’, then select it from the danh mục of results.


In Enable Remote Desktop, make sure the feature is turned on.


Additional options are available khổng lồ customize your Remote Desktop, just select Show settings lớn see what you can change.


In Advanced Sharing settings, you can adjust the separate network profiles created by for each network you use (private, guest, and public). Within each drop-down, you can choose khổng lồ chia sẻ your network, files, printers, & passwords with people on the network. When adjusting these settings, each option will give sầu you a brief mô tả tìm kiếm on what people can access while on the network. For example, turning on password protected sharing will only allow people who have a user account & password on this computer to lớn access shared files, attached printers, và the public folders.


If you want lớn rename your device, go baông chồng to lớn the About page và rename it.

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Once User Accounts have sầu been added, make note of the one you wish lớn use for Remote Desktop.

How to connect your Remote Desktop

On the PC you’re using khổng lồ connect remotely, follow these instructions. In the search bar, enter ‘Remote Desktop Connection’ and select it from the menu of results.


How to lớn phối up Remote Desktop for Android

Download Remote Desktop phầm mềm > Read & accept terms > select Add > enter the PC nameusername for Remote Desktop connection, then select Save.


Select the PC name to connect.

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Whether you’re editing documents on the go or working from trang chủ, keep all your apps, files, and network resources at your fingertips with Remote Desktop Connection on 10 Pro and Enterprise.