You might encounter the issue of the “Google Play services has stopped” notification popping up again và again after the latest update of GooglePlay. Now you could resolve this by overwrite-installing the fix below for your Android/bit version! 


Update Nox via Install the fix (Android 5, 7, 64-bit, 9)If it still does not work, địa chỉ a new instanceIf you are still on Nox 6 or versions lower than, và the methods above couldn’t solve your problem, backup data và install a new pack.

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Check this đoạn phim for a detailed tutorial:

2. Tải về the fix for different Android/bit versions, overwrite install

If you don’t know which one to pick, kiểm tra in the thực đơn >> , then you’ll see which app android version you are using. Normally it’s app android 7 32-bit.


Also note: if you had multiple instances at different android versions in Multi-Drive, you’ll need to tải về and overwrite install patches of all corresponding versions. Since it’s overwrite-installation you’ll still only have one Nox icon on your desktop.

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Basic (Android 5 32-bit) >> download

Official (Android 7 32-bit) >> download

PRO (Android 7 64-bit) >> download

Beta (Android 9 64-bit) >> download

Please also kindly note we’ve stopped the maintenance of app android 4, if you want to resolve the Google Play issue, you could either upgrade to lớn the versions above or wait for the next update of Google Play và see if they’ll resolve this issue on their side.

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3. If NOT working: add a new instance of the version you need in Multi-Drive

If the fix did not work for you, you’ll need to add a new instance of your Android/bit version in Multi-Drive & re-install your games.


4. If you are still having trouble, back up all of your data, install the latest version of Nox on our website, and import your data in Multi-Drive

1. First, bind your in-game data khổng lồ your account (please bởi not uninstall the emulator directly without binding data)

2. Make a backup of the original emulator

3. Get the latest version of NoxPlayer installed. (Find the installation pack on our website)

4. Import your data in Multi-Drive

How to add Add Multi-instances?

How lớn backup và import data?

If you are still encountering issues, feel không tính tiền to send us feedback using the tab under the menu. Sorry for the trouble!