phpMyAdmin, description :

phpMyAdmin localhost 8080 various functionalities using Wamp server-in this article you will learn about the various functionalities of phpmyadmin using localhost 8080 for that I am using wampserver. Main purpose of the phpMyAdmin tool is to lớn manage the databases.

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Without any further delay lets started!!!

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Databases tab:

When you mở cửa phpMyAdmin’s home page, click the Databases tab, và then pick a database to manage by clicking on its name.


On the page that opens you will see a các mục of the database tables, the activities permitted with them, the number of records, the storage system, the collation, the sizes of the tables, and the overheads.


The possible actions to be taken at a table of your choosing are:


Through pressing the browse button you will see all the records inserted by you and you can show all the records in full detail.


You can update the record data in a table after updating the data by clicking the edit button và then click the go button to lớn save all the data you are updating.



Clicking the structure button will show you all the work you can perform on a table Such as

fields name and their types

collations, attributes, null, comments, extra ,action

change drop và more option will see in action

Clicking on change will allow you lớn change all the field attributes.

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Using the search button you will create a tìm kiếm query for the chosen table.


Using the Query method to lớn perform an example search. Just use different fields lớn arrange your search query, và press the Go button lớn execute it.

For example, you should first select the fields you want to show if you want to view all records with a field value beginning with “a.” Choose the like operator from the drop-down menu, và enter the corresponding field value “a percent” (percent is a wildcard string). Lớn see the results, click the Go button.


When you insert a record into a particular table, press the Insert button



You press the Empty button to delete all the inserted data from any table



You can press the drop button when you want khổng lồ remove any record type of the database.


SQL tab:

Clicking on the SQL tab an editor lượt thích a panel will be opened in this editor you can run your SQL query



You’ll find all the information of MySQL vps in this section of PHPMyAdmin and u can see in the image below. In this section, you will see traffic & connection details


User accounts:

In this section of PHPMyAdmin, you can find everything about user tài khoản s in this section where you can find your username and password for your localhost. As you can see below.

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This is the most important feature of PHPMyAdmin in this section, you can export your database và save the data on your computer because if you chiến bại the project so you have a copy of you project database. The main part of your project that is the database that can be saved via the export tab.



This is also a very important feature in PHPMyAdmin in this section, you can import the database that you have exported. You can just click on the screen khổng lồ choose & pick the file and press the go button



8080 database export import * localhost localhost 8080 localhost database mysql mysql database mysql database drop mysql database empty php phpmyadmin phpmyadmin database phpmyadmin export phpmyadmin import phpmyadmin mysql phpmyadmin user account sql sql editor