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As we know that OST is offline storage table tệp tin which is used to lớn store copies of an e-mail from an exchange server. This is useful when you are not connected to the internet because you can work in cache mode. But once you are connected khổng lồ the internet you OST tệp tin synchronized with mail hệ thống uploads all changes. If OST tệp tin gets corrupted it completely become unreadable. To lớn make your OST file readable you have to lớn recreate it. This technical guides will help you lớn Import OST file into Microsoft Outlook.

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But before going to the solution one should know the occurrence of the problem. So firstly we will discuss that how OST tệp tin gets corrupted.

1. When the system gets attacked by a virus.2. Power failure during synchronization of the file.3. When storage is full.4. When there is an issue in the network during synchronization of the file.5. When a hard drive has a bad sector.6. Microsft Outlook starts having bug and issues.7. Bugs in Storage device.

If you are unable to lớn ( it means it is corrupted but don"t get panic you can recover your data easily by some manual methods explained below.

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1. Run Outlook. Go to tệp tin click on info then on tài khoản setting.2. In trương mục setting from the thư điện tử tab and click on Microsoft exchange.3. Select more settings.4. From Microsoft exchange Window, click on “Advanced”.5. Go khổng lồ offline folder file setting.6. Write path of OST tệp tin in the tệp tin field.7. Click ok8. Click finish.

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1. Start your Outlook, go to lớn tools, Click on settings.2. Go to email tab click on Microsoft exchange in trương mục setting window.3. Click on more settings.4. Click on “Advanced” in Microsoft exchange window.5. Go to offline folder settings.6. Give the path of OST File.7. Click OK then o0n finish.

1. Start Outlook, go lớn tools click on the thư điện tử account.2. Click on view or change existing e-mail account from the email section.3. Click next4. Click on Microsoft exchange server.5. Click on change.6. Click on the advance from more settings.7. Go to offline thư mục file setting.8. Give the path of the OST file.9. Click on ok then on the finish.

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Although the manual method will help you lớn import OST tệp tin to Outlook. It is risky as if you don"t follow any step correctly than it will create a problem. So for that case, I suggest you use a third-party tool that is OST Recovery. It will help you to open your OST tệp tin in Outlook. For your satisfaction, before buying it you can use its kiểm tra version.