File .md là gì

An MD tệp tin is a text tệp tin created using one of several possible dialects of the Markdown language. It is saved in plain text format but includes inline symbols that define how to lớn format the text (e.g. Bold, indentations, headers, table formatting). MD files are designed for authoring plain text documentation that can be easily converted lớn HTML.

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MD file mở cửa in Microsoft Notepad

MD files are not only useful for HTML documentation systems, but also for source code version control. This is because the files can be compared against historical revisions in human-readable text (whereas revisions lớn binary files cannot be compared easily). Projects created with GitHub, a popular online version control system, often use a tệp tin named, which contains the readme for the project.

John Gruber, the developer of Markdown, has created a Perl program for converting Markdown lớn HTML. The program, called "Markdown," is available at the Daring Fireball website.

NOTE: Markdown files also used the .MARKDOWN extension.

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You can mở cửa and edit an MD file in any text editor, including:

Google Chrome Text (Chrome OS)

However, if you intend to lớn edit an MD file, you may want to xuất hiện it in a Markdown editor. Markdown editors provide editing and đánh giá tools that will help you apply Markdown syntax correctly. Some Markdown editors include:

ghostwriter (Windows, Linux)MacDown (Mac)Caret (cross-platform)StackEdit (Web)

Data file saved by Moneydance, a personal finance software program similar khổng lồ Intuit Quicken or Microsoft Money; stores ngân hàng accounts, transactions, budgets, stock portfolios, & other information.

File created by Sharkport, a hardware accessory for the PlayStation 2; contains a PS2 saved game created by the Sharkport device; used for copying saved games to the PC & sharing them with other players; can be converted lớn other saved trò chơi formats, such as .PSU, using the PS2 Save Builder.

An MD tệp tin is a MuseData musical score. It contains plain text code that represents a piece of music, as well as metadata describing that work. While MD files are no longer widely used, you can still mở cửa them and use them to lớn create sheet music in MuseScore.

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MD file open in MuseScore

If you need only khổng lồ see the plain text notation that an MD tệp tin contains, you can xuất hiện it in any text editor, such as Microsoft Notepad, táo bị cắn TextEdit, or Github Atom.