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Google Chrome is nowadays the most popular and used browser by users. That means there are many tools, extensions, và plugins available. But it also means that hackers mix their sights here khổng lồ have a greater chance of success or that when a problem arises it can affect more users. In this article we are going to lớn talk about the problem when the message “downloading proxy script” appears that may appear. We will explain why it appears và what to do.

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Why the message “downloading proxy script” appears

When we use the Google Chrome browser, sometimes problems can arise. We can see how accessing a website is impossible, it shows us an alert message và it does not load the site correctly. This can happen for very different reasons & affect users of all kinds of operating systems.

Generally these errors can be resolved. Sometimes it is a software problem, other times it is our computer or our internet connection. Typically, such a failure comes with a message khổng lồ indicate what it is about to lớn users. In this case that message is “downloading proxy script”. The result is that you cannot successfully load a website page.Sometimes these types of messages can appear very frequently. This makes users wonder why it is and if they can bởi vì something about it. It is annoying trying lớn navigate và that a problem constantly appears that causes the web to not load correctly.Why does this happen? Normally this message appears when we change Internet connectivity . An example is when going from one Wi-Fi network khổng lồ another or if connectivity parameters change. This makes it take longer for Chrome to lớn load a website và the message “downloading proxy script” appears.Keep in mind that proxy servers are used in many corporate environments. This is taken into account by different browsers và operating systems such as Windows & they use automatic settings to determine if we use a proxy server.However, it is normal that these proxy servers are not used at the particular user level. In our house, for example, we often do not use it. Of course, browsers are configured lớn verify whether or not we are using proxy servers. This causes the “downloading proxy script” message that appears in Google Chrome to lớn be by default.

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How to lớn avoid Chrome downloading proxy script message

Now, can we avoid this message in Google Chrome? The answer is yes. Luckily, the Google browser allows you to lớn modify many parameters of its configuration in a simple way. It is possible that we change the default configuration và in this way avoid the message that is sometimes annoying và that indicates “downloading proxy script”.Those users who know they are not going to connect via a proxy (for example on a local network at home) could configure Chrome to disable automatic detection . In this way the message we are talking about would not appear. For this you have khổng lồ follow some steps that we mention below.The first thing is lớn enter chrome: // settings / through the address bar (the browser settings). Once we are here, go to lớn the Advanced Settings, which appears at the bottom.When we are in the Advanced Settings, go to the System section. We will see that one of the options that appears is called mở cửa the proxy settings of your computer. You have to click there. This will open a window of Windows configuration.

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We will see that a window appears as we see in the image above. By default, configuration detection is enabled automatically. We would simply have khổng lồ uncheck that option. In this way we would avoid the message of “downloading proxy script” appearing in the Google Chrome browser.