Why Can'T I Send Ctrl+Alt+Delete To My Host Computer?

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(1) For the Mac "abort" command, see Command-Option-Escape.

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(2) The key combination in Windows that enables a user khổng lồ terminate an unresponsive application. When all three keys are pressed at the same time, the Task Manager utility, which displays all open apps, can be selected from a menu. The Task Manager enables the user lớn shut down the computer.

First used lớn reboot DOS PCs, the keystrokes were chosen by IBM in 1981 lớn ensure users would not accidentally press them. The delete key is at the opposite kết thúc of the keyboard from the Ctrl và Alt keys. See Win Task Manager.

End a Task in Windows 10 Pressing Ctrl-Alt-Del in Windows 10 displays a thực đơn in which Task Manager is one of the options.

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