Many WordPress users who keep up with regular WordPress updates have most likely seen the “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Cheông chồng back in a minute” error or message.

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However, seeing it for the first time can be very frustrating.

Your website has not been compromised, so this error is quite normal.

When you nâng cấp plugins, templates, or the WordPress core to lớn the latest version, the site enters what is known as ‘maintenance mode."

Understanding this mechanism & how it works will help you in addressing the "briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance" notification you are currently seeing. In this article, we"ll define what WordPress maintenance mode is and explain what the error message "Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance" means.

Then we"ll explain step-by-step how to lớn resolve sầu it as well as keep it from happening again in the future.

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What Does WordPress Maintenance Mode Mean?

To understvà what the WordPress “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Cheông chồng bachồng in a minute” message indicates, it is necessary khổng lồ first understand what is "maintenance mode" và how it behaves.

There are actually two types of maintenance mode.

When an WordPress core tăng cấp is performed, it automatically goes into lớn maintenance mode as it is upgrading. The website nâng cấp downloads the required update files khổng lồ your hệ thống, unzips them, và installs them on your site during this stage.

This procedure happens also for any any WordPress themes, templates, plugins, or WordPress core files that need to lớn be updated.

The process of automatic updates is under most circumstances fast, easy, & seamless.

Depending on how many files need khổng lồ be updated, the process may take anything from a few seconds to a few minutes.

When WordPress activates & disables maintenance mode, it typically informs you:


The Maintenance Mode page"s roleis lớn ensure that the site does not appear broken ordisabled as fixes, updates, and patches are being applied. This means it is not necessarily a malfunction, but rather a reminder of what is actually happening on the WordPress website.

Assuming the upgrade completedsmoothly, the script should complete và WordPress will delete the .maintenance file automatically. The message will then be removed, và your websiteusers will be able to lớn see your live nội dung once more.

Unfortunately, issues arise when the “Briefly unavailablefor scheduled maintenance. Check bachồng in a minute" page is shown even after the nâng cấp is apparently complete. This is most common with WordPress core updates và can be triggered by a number of problems, including:

A poor response time fromthe serverAn tăng cấp script"s gettinginterruptedor timeoutLowmemory or not enough memory problemsWordPress thinking there aresome changes that stillneed lớn be doneYou"re attempting khổng lồ updateseveralitems at the same time (và too quickly)You"re using a plugin that displays maintenancemode.You closed the browser windowbefore the upgrades were completed.

Irrespective sầu of the reason, a WordPress site that does come out of maintenance mode is very frustrating.

Thankfully, there are quiông xã & easy fixes that we will walk you through step by step so that you can get out of this situation quickly.

How to Fix “Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance. kiểm tra back in a Minute”

If you’re still getting the “briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance, kiểm tra bachồng in a minute” WordPress message after your updates have sầu completed, you probably think something went wrong (rightly so).

The most likely problem is that, for whatever reason, WordPress did not remove the .maintenance file. The only way lớn resolve sầu this message is to manually remove WordPress from management mode by deleting the .maintenance tệp tin.

There are two ways to vày this, depending on the hosting provider, or your preferred choice:

Using an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) clientUsing the File Manager in cPanelUsing a File Manager plugin in WordPress

Please keep in mind that the following methods require you to lớn manually remove sầu the file from your installation"s root directory. As a result, you should not attempt this unless you are familiar with the process & have sầu a backup of your site, which you can create using a secure tool lượt thích BlogVault, or other backup plugins.

How Do I RevertWordPress Maintenance Mode? (3 Techniques)

After you"ve sầu made the necessary plans for editing your site"s files (take a backup!), you can use your preferred method khổng lồ resolve the "briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance,check back in a minute" error.

1. Remove sầu WordPress from Maintenance Mode Making Use of FTP

To connect to lớn your site"s root directory via FTPhường, you"ll need to use an FTP client such as FileZilla. When you connect lớn your server, you"ll see a menu of your site"s files in the public_html folder. Find the .maintenance file:

screenshot FTPhường access khổng lồ the WordPress.maintenance tệp tin.

After you find it, right-click on it và select Delete:

screenshot - The WordPress maintenance tệp tin has been deleted.

Now return to lớn your WordPress site and refresh your website. The message "briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance" should be gone.

If you can"t find the .maintenance file in your site"s directory, it"s possible that it"s been "hidden", or isn"t visible, because it starts with a (.) dot. To check if this is the case, go lớn FileZilla > Server > Force showing hidden files at the top of the window.

2. Remove sầu WordPress from Maintenance Mode Using cPanel

If your hosting provider uses cPanel, you can use the File Manager feature to access your site"s root directory & delete the .maintenance file. Log inkhổng lồ cPanel & then select File Manager from the Files section:

screenshot - The File Manager in cPanel.

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Cliông chồng on the name of your site lớn the left in the File Manager, then look for the .maintenance tệp tin in the /public_html folder:

The WordPress maintenance file can be found in the cPanel File Manager.

Right-cliông xã the tệp tin và choose Delete:

screenshot - In cPanel, delete the maintenance file.

The ‘unavailable’ message should no longerbe visible.

If you can"t find the .maintenance file in your site"s root directory, look forthe wp-activate.php file:

screenshot - cPanel"s wp-activate.php tệp tin.

Open the tệp tin once you"ve found it. Then look for the WPhường INSTALLING setting:

screenshot - The parameter "WP. INSTALLING".

Change the value from ‘true" lớn ‘false," as shown below:

define("WP INSTALLING," false );

When you’re finished doing the changes, save your file. Then, reload your website to lớn see if anything has changed.

3. Remove WordPress from Maintenance Mode Using File Manager Plugin

A third option similar to lớn the above two, is khổng lồ use a File Manager plugin to access the root folder of your site. You can install a plugin such as WP File Manager, which allows you to access the root of your website.

Once you can access the root thư mục, you can follow the procedure in step 2 lớn remove sầu the .maintenance tệp tin.

How to lớn Avoid the WordPress “Briefly Unavailable for Scheduled Maintenance” Error The Message

As you can see, removing your site from maintenance mode is as simple as deleting the .maintenance file. While this may help you fix “Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Please check bachồng in a minute” in WordPress now, it does not guarantee that it will not happen again.

It"s critical to get lớn the bottom of the problem. Here are some suggestions to help you avoid seeing this error message again in the future:

Don"t cthất bại your browser while updates are still in progress. If you cthua thảm your browser before all updates have been installed, your hệ thống may time out & fail to lớn complete the process và update the .maintenance file.Avoid making too many updates at once. It"s best to lớn update your themes, plugins, & core files one at a time as they become available. This can help lớn reduce the likelihood of your WordPress site becoming stuông xã in maintenance mode. Although bulk updates are convenient, they can cause plugin conflicts & other problems.Make use of a staging site lớn demo any changes you intkết thúc to make. Compatibility issues can occasionally cause a hiccup in the updating process. As a result, it"s critical khổng lồ ensure that any new themes or plugins you use are compatible with your WordPress version & each other. Instead of testing them directly on your live sầu site, use a staging site first.

Aside from the suggestions above, you may want to consider using a plugin to improve the maintenance mode on your WordPress site.

If you want to display a message other than the standard WordPress "Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Chechồng baông xã in a minute,” a plugin is an excellent way lớn bởi this.

Let"s look at some powerful & configurable tools to consider when putting your WordPress site into lớn maintenance mode:

ManageWPMaintenanceComing Soon và Maintenance ModeWPhường Maintenance Mode

Maintenance Mode Plugins

1. Coming Soon andMaintenance Mode

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode by SeedProd is a freemium plugin widely regarded as the best maintenance mode plugin on the market. One of its most appealing features is that it is a two-in-one tool that allows you to lớn create both Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode pages without the need for additional plugins.

It also functions as a trang đích builder, so you can use it for more than just creating a Maintenance Mode page. It also works with any WordPress theme và is very simple khổng lồ change in terms of structure or kiến thiết. It is also multisite-capable.

Although the không tính tiền version has a lot of features, the premium version has a few more bells và whistles, such as:

Shortcodes support hidden link for clients to view unfinished/unpublished WordPress websites.Participation options và a referral systemGoogle Analytics

The premium version of this plugin starts at $39.50 per year for a personal license.

2. ManageWP

Strictly speaking, this isn"t a plugin. Connecting your websites to ManageWPhường, on the other hvà, will give you access to lớn an easy-to-implement maintenance wall for your trang web.

It is as simple as clicking a button lớn activate the ManageWP Maintenance Mode feature. You can also select from two templates:

The website is undergoing maintenance.Coming Soon

You can change the templates as you see fit. As a result, regardless of the reason you need to go inkhổng lồ maintenance mode, your visitors will see the correct message.

3. WordPress Maintenance Mode

WPhường Maintenance Mode is another popular & useful plugin that you can use lớn improve your WordPress Maintenance Mode page. Amuốn the most intriguing aspects of this feature-rich plugin are:

A simple customizer for changing text, colors, và backgrounds.Other Search Engine Optimization (SEO) options include sản phẩm điện thoại responsive design.E-Mail sign-up forms that can be exported to lớn a CSV fileExcluding specific URLs from the maintenance modeWordPress Multisite compatibility

It"s also completely không tính tiền. With over one million active users, you can be confident that WordPress is a useful và dependable tool.

4. Maintenance plugin for WordPress

Maintenance is one of the most popular WordPress maintenance mode plugins, & it is available in both a premium & không tính tiền version. Some of its best không tính phí features include the following:

The ability to lớn create your own mode of maintenance (with a full-screen background if you choose)The ability lớn easily toggle the HTTP. 503 codeLogin access is available lớn trusted or subscribed users.

The premium version also includes countdown timers and opt-in forms (similar to those found on similar Coming Soon page plugins), social media links, và additional background content options. The premium plugin is available for a one-time fee of $25.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is WordPress"s Maintenance Mode?

WordPress creates a temporary .maintenance tệp tin in the root directory of your site for automatic updates. This tệp tin can be found in your site"s /public_html folder. You can configure the options for a Maintenance Mode page if you use a plugin.