Is it time for you to break up with your current hosting company? Sometimes you might find that you’ve sầu outgrown your host or maybe the customer support isn’t that great. Other times it’s something lớn vày with performance issues or laông xã of features. Whatever the problem, there comes a time when you may need lớn move sầu to lớn another host. That’s why we’re covering the best WordPress migration plugins on the market to lớn migrate your WordPress site.

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These plugins download và transfer all of your site files, from tables lớn media files, & themes to lớn your entire database of users. Without a quiông chồng migration tool, you may have trouble cloning the website lớn make it appear và run exactly the same as it did before.

The best WordPress migration plugins offer beautiful interfaces, one-click migration buttons, và other tools for backing up và moving around files.

Free Migrations With Your Host

Sometimes you don’t need a migration plugin depending on your host. For example, here at, we provide free WordPress migrations on all of our plans. This way, you’re cutting down on the number of plugins on your site và you don’t have khổng lồ bức xúc about completing the migration yourself.

Simply speak with a representative sầu to have the không tính phí migration completed by transferring all files from your old host.

Is Your Migration Plugin Going lớn Cause Performance Issues?

One downside of WordPress plugins is that some of them cause conflicts with other plugins or themes. In addition, some plugins create performance issues for your hosting servers.

Migration plugins are often culprits because they work with site files. Therefore, you must keep in mind that you may not be able to lớn use all of the migration plugins we talk about below. Check with your host to ensure that your plugins are compatible.

As an example, hosting has a menu of banned plugins because they are known khổng lồ produce issues on our servers.

Best WordPress Migration Plugins (Tested & Reviewed)

Having said that, we’ve sầu tested the best migration plugins & found that the following are the most useful in terms of features, interfaces, và pricing:

Now that we underst& how migration files work & how you may have some conflicts along the way, keep reading lớn learn more about our favorite WordPress migration plugins.

1. Duplicator

Duplicator is by far one of the most popular plugins for migrating WordPress site files over to a new location. Some of the options included with the plugin involve copying, moving, and cloning, along with a traditional migration of an entire trang web. It’s truly a wonderful solution for backing up your files on a local machine, especially considering it only takes one cliông xã lớn select the items you want to tải về.

After that, Duplicator has several easy steps for moving all of those files onlớn a new server/host. You can even take a live site and pull it into lớn a local environment for further development. Backups are also part of the equation, with manual và automated options for ensuring your files are always safe.


Duplicator WordPress plugin

Along with features for staging, theme reuse, and the removal of messy importing/exporting, Duplicator stands as one of the best migration & backup plugins for all skill levels.

Many of the primary features are included in the free plugin, but you bởi have the option lớn upgrade for more functionality. For example, scheduled backups are included with the premium plan, along with cloud storage & tin nhắn notifications. We also lượt thích the multisite migration options. Duplicator Pro has a personal license for $59. This gets you three site licenses. You can also pay more if you need support for more sites.

Finally, we have sầu an in-depth tutorial on how khổng lồ migrate your trang web using the Duplicator plugin. Feel không tính tiền to lớn read this guide for a quiông xã & easy transition process.

Features That Make Duplicator a Great Choice:

Duplicator has both free & premium versions, both of which are highly useful for different skill levels.You can do more than migrate with Duplicator. It offers features for moving and cloning as well.It’s one of the best plugins that can easily pull a live site down into lớn a local environment.The WordPress transfer is done with just a few clicks. It’s by far the easiest migration tool out there.It depends on your version, but Duplicator includes both manual và scheduled backups khổng lồ protect your site nội dung.Site duplication is also possible, whether it be for a live sầu site or one in development.There’s no need to worry about complicated import & export scripts. Your entire site is migrated with the clichồng of a few buttons.The premium version has cloud storage on some of the most popular third-các buổi party options lượt thích Google Drive sầu, Dropbox, và Amazon S3.You can configure tin nhắn notifications.Duplicator Pro provides incredible tư vấn for multisite migrations. Essentially, you can move an entire multisite network with a few clicks.

Who Should Consider This WordPress Migration Plugin?

Everyone should consider Duplicator since it’s one of the fasthử nghiệm and easiest plugins for moving or duplicating a WordPress website. As for specific individuals, we lượt thích Duplicator for those who want cloud storage or lớn move sầu a multisite network without any trouble.

2. Migrate Guru

Migrate Guru has some advantages over the competition when it comes to multisite và the size of your files. The plugin manages lớn simplify the migration process, even if you have a large multisite network. In addition, sites with a size of up to 200 GB are transferable.

The plugin offers what it calls a true one-cliông xã integration. This makes it one of the faster solutions when it comes to moving sites lớn other servers. What’s more, is that all of the website transfers are managed on the Migrate Guru servers. This means you don’t have to worry about the transfer putting too much pressure on your site or even crashing it.


Migrate Guru WordPress plugin

Migrate Guru doesn’t require any storage space or energy from your own server. It’s a neat, simple process, clearing out the worry that may come about if your site is too big or cluttered with files. There’s no need for add-ons, & it appears that just about every web host is able to support the Migrate Guru plugin.

The one stipulation is that Migrate Guru doesn’t have any features for backing up a site, which is often included with migration tools. Having said that, the entire Migrate Guru plugin is completely miễn phí without any upgrades or pro versions.

Features That Make Migrate Guru a Great Choice:

Migrate Guru is miễn phí for all users.All of the migrations are completed on the Migrate Guru servers. This means that there’s minimal chance of your trang web crashing during the migration process.This is definitely one of the faster migration plugins, seeing as how you can clone a 1GB site in under 30 minutes.Migrate Guru is a true one-cliông chồng migration plugin, meaning that all of your migrations only require you khổng lồ click on the Migrate button.Alerts are sent out as a migration is taking place. This is done khổng lồ warn you if something is going wrong or simply to lớn tell you how much longer the move sầu is going khổng lồ take.The plugin has support for over 5,000 hosts throughout the world. This is nice considering many hosts can’t work with some migration plugins.This is one of the easier migration tools for moving a full multisite network.

Who Should Consider This WordPress Migration Plugin?

Migrate Guru makes the most sense for those with large websites. The transfer process is faster with Migrate Guru và you’re never worrying about whether the migration will crash your trang web. Furthermore, no storage space is required, making it even easier on your own hệ thống.

It’s also a great choice for users. Take a look at how to move sầu your WordPress site khổng lồ with the help of Migrate Guru.

3. WP Migrate DB

WPhường Migrate DB has a more complicated solution for migrating a site, but it’s a great option for those who want some more control over how the transfer goes. In short, WPhường Migrate DB does the trick for many advanced users.

The core plugin completes a MySquốc lộ data dump, which exports your website database. The plugin does most of the work for you by replacing file paths và URLs, & also managing serialized data. At the end of the process, you get an SQL tệp tin on your computer.

In order for the migration lớn take place, you need to utilize phpMyAdmin to lớn get that Squốc lộ file imported to lớn the right database. These steps ensure that developers have sầu a nice method for moving local và live sầu sites back và forth depending on their own needs.


WPhường Migrate DB WordPress plugin

Everything we’ve sầu talked about so far is available in the miễn phí plugin. If you’d like, $139 gives you access khổng lồ the premium plugin. This allows for four active sites & one user.

Upon upgrading, you not only get premium tin nhắn tư vấn but a wide range of features that are essential for pulling databases và syncing media between two sites. Some of our favorite tools include the ability lớn exclude post types, migrate from a multisite to lớn a single site, and options for pausing and canceling migrations.

Overall, the premium version gets you a far more user-friendly migration plugin with some cool features lớn make things easier.

Features That Make WPhường. Migrate DB a Great Choice:

The không tính phí version is enough for most developers that want to tải về the files và migrate them to lớn other servers.All of the tệp tin paths, URL paths, and serialized data is handled in the background. The plugin then delivers a completed Squốc lộ tệp tin for you khổng lồ tải về.The pro version lets you pull or push databases.WP Migrate DB is considered one of the more secure migration plugins.You have the option lớn sync full truyền thông media libraries between two websites. This, & most of the following features is included with the premium version.You have sầu options for excluding certain post types.WPhường. Migrate DB lets you choose which tables you want to lớn migrate. Decide lớn move all of your tables over or select from the ones that are most important.

Who Should Consider This WordPress Migration Plugin?

Developers are the most likely khổng lồ use the WPhường Migrate DB plugin. The reason for this is because you get far more flexibility when it comes to lớn choosing specific migration items like tables. In addition, you can move sầu a site from pretty much any environment lớn another. All of this is done with an SQL file tải về, which is typically a little complicated for beginners.

4. All-in-One WPhường. Migration

The All-in-One WP Migration plugin boasts an impressive sầu following, with millions of installations & thousands of great ratings và Reviews. The whole point of the plugin is khổng lồ take a tải về of your WordPress files without the need for any technical knowledge.

What’s interesting about All-in-One WP Migration is that it provides a drag and drop interface for uploading your site to a new location, making for a wonderful interface. Find and replace options are available during the export & it also fixes any problems with serialization.


All-in-One WPhường Migration WordPress plugin

The All-in-One WP. Migration developers have sầu done some great work when it comes to partnering with hosting companies. This way, you typically don’t have sầu to think about whether or not conflicts or performance issues will occur.

What’s more is that the plugin does a great job of bypassing some of the upload form size limitations on WordPress. It does this by migrating your site in chunks, keeping all of those chunks under 2MB. All-in-One WPhường Migration is opensource software, but a premium plugin is available for $69/lifetime.

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The additional features in the premium version include options for excluding files, restoring backups, và working with WP. CLI commands.

Features That Make All-in-One WP Migration a Great Choice:

All-in-One WP Migration offers a không tính tiền plugin with all of the basic features you need for downloading your trang web và uploading it lớn another location.No technical knowledge is required for you to complete the transfer. In fact, a simple drag and drop interface is included in the upload section.Unlimited find and replace & serialization solutions are provided.The plugin has a long danh mục of hosting providers that the plugin works well with.You’re able khổng lồ upload larger sites since the plugin uploads your site in chunks, surpassing the need to lớn keep the entire tệp tin under a certain kích thước.Larger sites have the option lớn upload lớn premium, which gets you customer tư vấn và options for excluding files và restoring backups.

Who Should Consider This WordPress Migration Plugin?

All-in-One WP Migration works for beginners who want that clean, drag & drop interface. It’s also nice for everyone who just wants a simple process all the way through. You don’t have khổng lồ worry about file kích cỡ issues. You don’t have sầu to lớn worry about hosting problems. You don’t have sầu khổng lồ worry about a complicated tệp tin lớn upload.

5. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is primarily used as a backup tool. But can vì chưng way more: it has the capability to lớn not only restore the files to a new location, but it simplifies the entire process. For instance, it only requires you khổng lồ use a one-cliông chồng button for backing up your site files. After that, a restore can be done either on the same site or elsewhere. And it’s all done with one button.

The reason UpdraftPlus may be appealing for migrations is because it completes one of the swifchạy thử backups with the help of cloud storage services like Dropbox và Google Drive.


UpdraftPlus WordPress plugins

Automatic backup schedules are possible with UpdraftPlus. This standard backup procedure is provided in the miễn phí version. Upgrading khổng lồ the premium solution offers even more functionality such as incremental backups, duplicates, và quick migrations.

You also receive access to a larger menu of cloud storage options lượt thích Azure and OneDrive. UpdraftPlus Premium is listed as $70 for two licenses. You can nâng cấp to lớn 10 licenses for $95 & go up from there. Plugins for things like smoother migrations & multiple storage destinations are sold on the website.

Features That Make UpdraftPlus a Great Choice:

UpdraftPlus creates a quiông chồng và secure backup for all of your websites. This is all done for miễn phí in the core plugin.The plugin does both backups và restores. The files can also be moved khổng lồ other locations manually or by utilizing one of the one-cliông chồng migration extensions on the website.The không tính phí version of the plugin has automatic backups, which is often not the case with migration & backup plugins.Incremental backups are possible. You can backup và migrate multisite networks. You can move sầu non-WordPress files khổng lồ other servers.The Migration extension helps out with clones và moving files from local lớn live sầu environments.

Who Should Consider This WordPress Migration Plugin?

Before anything else, UpdraftPlus is a backup plugin. However, if you’d lượt thích khổng lồ pay for the Migrator extension it makes sense as an affordable way to lớn get this done. Therefore, we recommend UpdraftPlus for those who want the best backups possible, with the option to lớn migrate a trang web as well.

6. BackupBuddy

BackupBuddy has the ability lớn backup your WordPress website, restore files, và move sầu it to lớn a completely different location. This backup and migration plugin is produced by the folks at iThemes, and it’s been installed on more than a half-million sites since its release.

Similar khổng lồ UpdraftPlus, BackupBuddy serves primarily as a way to lớn backup & protect your site files. So, you would install it to restore your older files in case you delete files, get hacked, or encounter user errors.

Having said that, all of the files you tải về can then be migrated lớn another location. At its most simple, you can store a backup tệp tin remotely by using Google Drive, Dropbox, or Amazon S3. Then, the ImportBuddy integration ensures that all of your files are restored on the same site or migrated elsewhere.

BackupBuddy does have sầu a dedicated migration feature that allows you khổng lồ change hosts & servers. You can also adjust the tên miền và replace URLs in one step. Cloning is also provided for developers, along with a tool for pushing or pulling to and from staging sites.

No không tính phí version is available for BackupBuddy, but $52 lets you implement the plugin on one website. The $83 plan is for 10 sites, and the $130 plan works for unlimited websites.

Features That Make BackupBuddy a Great Choice:

BackupBuddy is only sold as a premium backup & migration plugin. Therefore, you get much better customer support since you’re paying for it.The plugin has great options for pushing & pulling content between staging and live sites.You can clone your WordPress sites with the cliông xã of a button.Build any site on a temporary domain, then use BackupBuddy lớn migrate that site to lớn a live sầu domain name.The plugin provides far more than migration functionality. For instance, you get site protection through serialized data, malware scans, và backups.The backups are great for when you need khổng lồ restore your files or move them lớn other servers. Some of the features for the backups include email notifications, scheduled backups, and remote storage.

Who Should Consider This WordPress Migration Plugin?

We like BackupBuddy for those who want a full suite of protection, migration, and backup tools. The plugin cuts down on the number of plugins you need for your site và you always know that the site files are protected. In addition, you can move the files whenever needed.

Tired of WordPress issues and a slow host? We provide world-class support from WordPress experts available 24/7 và blazing fast servers. Check out our plans

7. Super Backup và Clone

The Super Backup & Clone plugin is an alternative solution lớn the migration plugins you can find in the WordPress Plugin Directory. Here’s a plugin that is only sold on CodeCanyon. The price is currently at $35, & that gets you premium customer support for six months. After that, you have the option to pay for additional tư vấn.

As mentioned in its name, this plugin can help assist with backups, cloning, and migrations. It liên kết lớn third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ cloud services lượt thích Amazon S3, Google Drive, và Rackspace. You’re able to create snapshots of your website và restore those files whenever you want.

Scheduling is possible with the backups và you can even phối them khổng lồ automatically download the backup. Custom migrations mean that you can adjust settings based on the form size of your site and where the files are going.

In addition lớn the previous features, Super Backup và Clone provides multisite support for backing up multiple network websites & potentially migrating them khổng lồ other servers. Along with beautiful reports và optimal system performance, the Super Backup & Clone plugin does a great job of streamlining the entire migration process.

Features That Make Super Backup và Clone a Great Choice:

Super Backup & Clone takes “snapshots” of your files, which is basically downloading & saving your site files in various locations. These snapshots are used for migrations.History revisions are shown on the dashboard, just in case you’d like lớn restore your site or make a migration from a version from the past.Backups can be scheduled and automated for a streamlined process.You can exclude certain files và folders from your backups.You have sầu the chance to choose which tables you would lượt thích khổng lồ backup from your database. Select all of them or just a few.The multisite capabilities allow network owners khổng lồ completely migrate their network sites or restore from backups.

Who Should Consider This WordPress Migration Plugin?

Super Backup và Clone looks like a solid plugin for multiple tasks. You can baông chồng up files, clone sites, and migrate lớn different spots. We lượt thích it as a low-cost suite, removing the need for multiple plugins for all of these features.

8. VaultPress

VaultPress is a lauded name in the WordPress world since it’s not only a useful migration plugin, but it’s developed and owned by Automattic.

VaultPress can be installed separately, but it’s powered by the popular Jetpack plugin. Therefore, you’d be better off installing Jetpack & getting even more features beyond VaultPress.

The first step involved with VaultPress is to backup all files on your trang web. It also fights off malware và hackers, with some tools mixed in for warning you about accidental damage.

VaultPress only has premium plans–one for $39 per year và the other business plans for $99 & $299 per year. The plugin is primarily a backup và security plugin, but it has a solid feature for an easy site migration from the backups. This is done with the help of a one-clichồng button.

Along with the migration tools, you can expect to utilize automated backups, archives, & spam protection for comments.

Features That Make VaultPress a Great Choice:

It’s a premium plugin with chất lượng customer support.The plugin is included with the Jetpachồng plugin, so you’ll also get a full suite of tools for social truyền thông media, kinh doanh, and more.VaultPress has tư vấn for automated & scheduled backups.You receive unlimited storage space for all of your backups.An archive sầu is shown for 30 days.The plugin includes a simple, intuitive sầu migration button that takes your backups and either restores them to your site or sends them to other servers.VaultPress offers spam protection to lớn prevent the wide array of comments and pingbacks that are bound lớn come in through your site.The plugin keeps an eye on brute force attacks with constant monitoring.The Business plans include some impressive features for things like security scanning, ad revenue generation, & unlimited đoạn phim hosting.

Who Should Consider This WordPress Migration Plugin?

VaultPress looks lượt thích a great choice for those who already have sầu the Jetpachồng plugin. It’s also solid for protecting your site from all angles. The migration functionality is more of a bonus than anything.

9. Backup Guard

As you can see, many of the best WordPress migration plugins are wrapped into lớn packages with backup and security plugins. That also goes for the Backup Guard plugin, which handles backups, migrations, và tệp tin restoration. It’s not as popular as some of the competition, but the feature mix is impressive & the clean interface appeals to lớn many users.

To begin, Backup Guard features both miễn phí và paid plugins. The free version lets you bachồng up your files, restore sites, and upload those files khổng lồ Dropbox & a few other locations.

It’s not until you tăng cấp to lớn Pro in which you can take advantage of the migration feature. Having said that, it’s also one of the more expensive sầu migration options on the market, starting at $9.95 per month and going up from there. So, you’re stuông xã with recurring monthly costs.

Although the cost is higher, the features hóa trang for it. All of the plans include unlimited sites, backups, và restorations. You can also migrate however much you want and schedule your backups inlớn the future. Multiple schedule backups are allowed, và you can upload lớn or import from places lượt thích Dropbox, Amazon S3, & OneDrive.

What Makes This One of the Best WordPress Migration Plugins?

Backup Guard includes a full suite of tools for things lượt thích migrations, security, backups, & restores.The support is great. Emergency support is available at all hours.You can specify however many backups you would like lớn keep on your server.All of the plans allow for unlimited backups, sites, & migrations.Multisite networks are supported when it comes to lớn migrations & backups.You get to decide which of the tables from your databases are backed up và used during a migration.E-Mail notifications are sent out whenever a backup is completed or when a migration is done.

Features That Make Backup Guard a Great Choice:

This is one of the best interfaces for backup and migration plugins. If you want something that anyone can understvà, this might be the migration plugin for you. It’s also nice lớn know that Backup Guard has some of the best customer support compared khổng lồ the other plugins.

Need to move sầu your site to a new host or simply migrate your files away? We"ve put together a list of the very best WordPress plugins for you. Cheông chồng them out!