All In One Schema Rich Snippetsis a WordPress plugin used khổng lồ markup pages/posts with rich snippets.

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It has good reviewsand will vì the job for a lot of people. But other people (likeme) are picky about how the markup affects thethiết kế of the page. Since everyrich snippetplugin adds nội dung to yourpagewhichis needed for Google to lớn show your rich snippets, the main difference between rich snippet plugins ishow the information is presented on the page.

Thispost you’re reading ismarked upwith WPhường. Rich Snippetsandin my opinion, looks awesome. It can include a Clip, photo lớn, liên kết, and plenty of other options. Whereas All In One Schema Rich Snippets is limited when it comes to lớn options and thiết kế customization.

Here’s how yourpage will look aftermarking it up with All In One Schema Rich Snippets:



FreeEasy lớn setupSupports most rich snippet types


Lacks thiết kế and customization optionsLimited information can be presented

Supported Data Types

Should You Consider OtherRich Snippet Plugins?If you’re happy with the basic thiết kế of All In One Schema Rich Snippets, it is the best free rich snippets plugin and I will show you how lớn phối it up.But if you’re looking for something more robust và have $69+ for a premium plugin, kiểm tra out WPhường. Rich Snippets & view this tutorial. WP Rich Snippets has more options & supports local business markup which helps Google show your business information correctly in Google Maps.

Now let’s get started…

1. InstallAll In One Schema Rich Snippets


2. Configure The Settings

Once installed you will see the “Rich Snippets” optionsinthe left thực đơn of your WordPress dashboard. Go through the settings especially theconfiguration và customization tabs. The other tabs are helpfulbut I listed a more robustphối of resources at the bottom of this article.

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Basic styling options…


3. Add Markup To Pages

Edit a page/post you want to add rich snippets to lớn then scroll down until you see “configure rich snippet.” Select the type of rich snippetthenplugin will request specificdata.Fill out as many fields as possible sincethis will help Google understvà your data & show it in their search results. Certain fields areoften required for rich snippets to lớn work, but you can use Google’s Structured Data Testing (step 4) lớn see if you’re missing fields or getting errors.



4. Test Your Rich Snippets

Once youfill out all the fields you can, use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool to seeif your rich snippets are working correctly (they won’t immediately appear in search results so use this tool instead). If you see red errors, click the box to lớn expvà & look at the items. Fixing them may be as easyasfilling out afield you forgot about whilemarking up thepage.


End Result

This is what ađánh giá rich snippet willlook like once Google updates theirsearch results which takes around 2-4 days. For other rich snippet types you will see different information; events will have sầu hours & location information, products will have pricing information, etc. Onceyou get the hang of it, go ahead và start marking upotherpages/posts that include reviews, events, products, videos, and other supported data types used in rich snippets.

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Solutions To Comtháng Problems

Add data Google tells you to lớn in their Structured Data Testing ToolRich snippet data should be accurate & alignwith the contentonthe pageAdd markup to more pagesinstead of onlyhaving 1 page with markupUpdate WordPress core, theme, plugins, etc

If you’re still running inlớn problems, leave me a comment or seeAll In One Schema Rich Snippets’ tư vấn forum. Otherwise I hope you found this Đánh Giá helpful and good luchồng driving more traffic to your WordPress site using this không tính tiền, awesome rich snippets plugin!

Thanks for reading!


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