Google offers some of the best analytics software on the web. You can use it to lớn monitor pageviews (traffic lớn your site), complete with demographic và location information. You can also view your current traffic in realtime, or really dig into reports about user behavior. But how vày you showroom Google Analytics lớn a WordPress page? Here are a few options.

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First, you'll need khổng lồ register for a không tính phí Google Analytics account, so make sure to do that if you haven't already. Now we'll get you set up!

Is your WordPress site run on You don't need to bother with plugins or modifying themes: tư vấn for web analytics is built in. Head lớn Settings > Traffic and you'll find a place lớn paste your embed code, no plugins or hacks needed. Read more at

How to địa chỉ Google Analytics to a WordPress Site With a Plugin

The simplest way to add the web analytics tracking code khổng lồ your WordPress site so you can start learning about the people who browse your website. There are various options for the job but GA google analytics is clean and open source. Khổng lồ install it head to the Plugins section of your WordPress backend, then click add New.


Search for GA Google Analytics & activate it. Next, you’re going khổng lồ need to lớn find your google analytics UA code. Head to Google Analytics, mở cửa the panel for the site you’re trying to add, then click Admin.



You will find your Tracking Id right at the top of this panel. Make sure to lớn include the entire ID, including the UA- at the beginning và -1 at the end.

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Now head back to your WordPress site & head lớn Plugins, then the settings for your plugin. Here’s how that looks for GA Analytics:


Click Save & you’re done!

Adding google analytics to a WordPress Site By Editing Your Theme

Don’t want to install a plugin just for Google Analytics? You can địa chỉ cửa hàng the code manually to lớn your theme. This is only recommended for advanced WordPress users. There’s a clear downside here: any updates to your theme will break the Analytics embed, so if you vày this you’ll need to lớn either avoid updating the theme or be willing to re-edit it. Still, if you want to lớn avoid a plugin, this is the go-to method.

To get started you’ll need to lớn find your google analytics tracking code. Xuất hiện Google Analytics for the site you want to lớn add, then click Admin in the bottom-left corner.

Click Update File and you're done.

You've now added google analytics to your website, so you can start learning about the people who browse it.

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